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Bad news

You apparently don't live on Kerr Ave. I do and this will have a huge negative effect. My front yard will be a major 4 lane highway. I will lose all the trees and schrubs I've planted to try to block myself from the traffic and noise. My teenager will no longer be able to cross the street to catch the school bus. My property value will go down. Who will want to buy it from me then? If I sell now, there would have to be a disclosure about the proposed construction. This is will have an extremely negative effect for me and my family as well as the other homes on this section of Kerr. I've been in my home for 13 years and DOT already took about 10 feet of my yard several years ago to build the turning lane. Now they want more? Jeez!! Why is it that they can just TAKE IT? Why shouldn't they have to buy it? My property is shrinking and I'm very unhappy about this!!!!!


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