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Bad owners, never the dogs.

As the proud owner of a goofball sweetheart of a pit bull that sleeps with my cat at night I have to say "It is the owner, not the dogs" that should be to blame.

I understand everyone's comments about letting angry pit bulls tear this guy apart, but the truth is pit bulls aren't angry unless they are beaten, shocked with jumper cables, or thrown in as bait dogs for other crazy antagonized pit bulls to chew on for practice. These dogs are not inherently dangerous unless the owners make them that way. You will also find that pit bulls don't bark by nature. They are very child like animals.

So lets not use the example of throwing him to the pit bulls, because they weren't the problem in the first place. That just sets another example of them being some sort of killing machines. They all started as puppies and had to be raised to be killing machines. They are fighting for their lives not by choice.

Do some internet searches on Pit Bulls and you will be surprised at how much these dogs have been in the hearts of American households since the 1800's.

Justice has worked, but may not fit the crime. At least he has been stopped. It is a shame for the dogs. May they finally have peace.

Shaun O'Rourke
co-host of Gracie's Friends
New animal rescue show filming in Wilmington NC!


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