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Does it not bother you.....

....that you paid in $150k, while 48% of American citizens paid NO income tax at all, and in many cases got some of your money for doing nothing but filing their return? (EIC)

Are YOU one of the societal leeches sucking the coffers dry? Of course not. But the people you support have absolutely no hesitation in taking that money from you and using it to shield people from the reality of poverty, many times a poverty of their own creation.

BTW, no society "allowed" for your success. You did it yourself, and you would have risen to the top in any society on Earth. So what did you take from this society that you feel you have to "pay back?"

Don't buy the liberal rhetoric - you owe nothing more than any other citizen owes this country! You (and I) are simply carrying the load for deadbeats who contribute NOTHING.


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