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Why do we still have NATO?

The Warsaw Pact folded and collapsed when the Soviet Union fell. Why do we still have the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which was formed up to counter Soviet expansion?

We pump billions into NATO every year. Why? So we can coerce Denmark and The Netherlands to send a few hundred troops to Afghanistan and make it look like a group effort? The NORTH ATLANTIC Treaty Organization has a compelling interest in Afghanistan?

All we have done by maintaining and expanding NATO is to worsen our relations with Russia by recruiting most of the buffer nations that were the whole purpose of the Warsaw Pact. (After Napoleon and Hitler, NO ONE was ever going to invade Russia again!)

There was a valid need for NATO from the Forties through the Eighties. When the Warsaw Pact collapsed, NATO should have been disbanded. By virtue of geography, Russia is a land power and the United States is a sea power. We pose no threat to each other other than the ridiculous problems we each create. In all honesty, one of the reasons Russia isn't too wild about us right now is that we have treated them with no respect whatsoever since the Soviet Union collapsed.

BTW, the disintegration of the EU would be a blessing for mankind.


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