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Have you filled up...

Your gas tank lately?
Lower cost to transport LOCAL inventory means the prices should indeed be lower, UNLESS,of course the "farmers" and "businesses" want the profit margins to be thru the roof from day one, to set the precident, right?

Hey, I'm a Right Wing Capitalist, so I say, "if you can get the hippies to buy the so called "fresh" stuff, go for it."

However, I read a lot of bonifide critiques/comments of non-fresh disappointments, which were predictable...

My friend was talking about the cost of gasoline vs.local growers being able to deliver the goods locally at a fair market price, and I concur with him/her!

An "A" for effort does not cut it. People are not wishy-washy, they won't give it another go around to be ripped off and treated poorly by employees. I noted the same lousy employee attitudes along the Castle St. strip lately....never to return.

It's the economy and it sucks, so we need cost effective purchases, not gouging (sp).

Perhaps the people who came up with this 'innovative idea' to open a fresh, locally harvested market, have REALLY JUST been studying Lovey's and the cottage indu$try developed for the "fre$h", "organic", no carcinogin generation.

Hey man, like I said, I'm a Capitalist, and say "More Power to this Market", and wish them well, but even the die-hards that I know ain't loving $5 'stale' bread, even at a $5.00 steal!!!! ..Step right all the stale bread for $5.oo here, but go to Good Shepherd Homeless Shelter and get it for FREE, all you want! And, on their maiden voyage no less. da!

Maybe the Thanksgiving Bird, skinny with no meat on the carcass before it is even 'deepfried', but ORGANIC will make Tiny Tim happy?

I'd love a heaping helping of Ripmeoff gelato for desert.


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