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Sign ordinance is a bunch of Hooie!

It seems to me if they have a ordinace on sign height and size, they would know EXACTLY how many are out of compliance. 48-60 signs out of compliance? That's a pretty big spread. What happened? Did the "Planning Board" run out of fingers and toes during their team audit?

One other thing, if this "Planning Board" wants to "beautify" the Monkey Junction area, they should ELIMINATE those GAWDY and excessivly bright, flashing computerized LED signs! They are far too bright and very distracting to drivers. They look like a cop car with its blue lights flashing from a distance. Looking at that junk is no different than reading a phone text while driving.

Our local governments have a habit of not being able to see the forest due to the trees. Sometime they have difficultly with the trees themselves...


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