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Absolutely Right!

Jobs! McINTYRE!!! It's the CURRENT economy....that you need to concentrate on very closely.

Get with the sentiments of what your constituents NEED right NOW.

Forget spending your time on touchy-feely good sentiments of yesteryear and having some totally out of touch, Ole Historical Society, Wilmingtonian type running an annual WWII City spotlight Program. Give me a break.

I love all of our military and our veterans, my dad is a disabled WWII German U-Boat and Sub chaser Navy man who patrolled the east coast from N.Y. Harbor to Miami for 3 years and 8 months in WWII, but the Congressman should listen to his regions NEEDFUL people...who are begging for an END to wasteful spending and a concentration on economic recovery of the Market which will induce job recovery and hiring practice.

... and worry about our historical notoriety later...when we feel like celebrating again.


That was BECAUSE....Everyone was WORKING!!!!!

J-O-B-S NOW!!! McIntyre needs to do the JOB we are PAYING him to do!!!

Eradicate Unemployment, Create Jobs, Bring jobs back to this great nation from China, Mexico, India.

Then, do the city thingy all you care to, for as long as you want.


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