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"Now you see her, now you don't" -- Emily's magical disappearing act!

Well that was anti-climactic now wasn't it? In case you blinked for a second, Emily was decimated in a matter of hours Thursday. A combination of dry air, mountainous terrain, and unfavorable winds ripped the storm apart. Now we're left with simply an area of low pressure.

We knew this was a possibility.... We kept harping on all the factors that would prevent Emily from strengthening into a strong hurricane, and should weaken it, and even talked about the possibility of the storm not surviving the trip over Haiti. But,  I think it's safe to say we were all a little surprised at how quickly and how easily the storm went into the night. Just like a magic trick, "Poof!" - no storm!

Of course we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves here. The organized storm may be gone, but there's still leftover energy from the system at all levels of the atmosphere. As this moves over some more hospitable areas of the ocean near the Bahamas, it's still possible it could re-generate. In fact, I wouldn't be shocked at all if we see a re-born Tropical Storm Emily by Saturday. But it won't be the same. The speed has been slowed, the fronts over us will block the storm, and the westerlies will usher her off stage right on her trip across the Atlantic.

So, our affects from the storm seem to be minimal. Some rip currents, perhaps some elevated surf, and that should be about it. I almost feel a little gypped!

Here's an interesting aspect to our 2011 Hurricane Season though. With an extreme drought still ongoing across the area, where's our rooting interest? Surely a strong hurricane coming ashore is never a good thing as it can bring destruction to life and limb. But -- a glancing blow by a 'cane or even a landfall of a weak Tropical Storm would be a welcome sight by farmers and homeowners alike who badly need the rain. So in the end, maybe we should be disappointed that Emily isn't headed our way?

As a general rule with Mother Nature, I'm a little bit wary of "rooting" for things like hurricanes. It's kind of one of those "careful what you wish for" setups. Some supersticion tells me that if we root hard for a soaking system to head our way, we might just get a Floyd or a Fran - something nobody should want to see in their backyard. We'll have to root for the rain in secret...

That's all for now. Enjoy your Emily-free weekend!


By: Tim Buckley


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