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If you are calling for legalization

For the people calling for legalization please take the time to do something about it other than post on a news website. Go online and find your local representative and send them an email letting them know how you feel its time to DECRIMINALIZE Marijuana. People in jail for Marijuana related charges have committed no crime because there is no victim. It has become obvious that Marijuana was made illegal because the fiber industry along the pharmaceutical industry did not want hemp and marijuana legal due to it uses as a natural and easily renewable source of fiber as well as its multiple uses as a medicine. Anyone could grow it hence the term "weed" making it easily available as a remedy for many different aliments. It has been used throughout time for many different aliments but the pharmaceutical industry would rather you go to a doctor and be prescribed a pill instead of cultivating a plant that could be grown at home for a remedy. Its time the government starts working for the good of the people rather than the good of archaic laws that are used as a means to continue an outdated war that will never be won. Morality should never come in the form of legislation! Prohibition never works!


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