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Deficit Problems?

90,000 dollars to fund a survey on the sexual performance of gay males. 50,000 dollars to fund a mime troupe play.
These are just two of the government grants given free and clear to crap.
If you need to fund a study or something for the arts, go out and raise the money. If you believe in what you are doing you will find a way.
The above figures represent 140 families worth of wasted tax dollars for one year.
Stop government fraud, waste and abuse.
The adminstration that is in place now is a joke. Stop throwing money away. Cut unemployment, it only enables those who would otherwise go get jobs.
This adminstration has not created one permanent job, not one. If you think they have, you better check your facts again.
Raise the debt ceiling, what a joke, cut spending on crap like I mentioned above.
Oh Yeah! and while we are at it let me pay for the people who want to ride the bus to Doucheville Beach, I mean Wrightsville:(
The Government has been allowed by the brain dead uniformed voter to go straight to pot.


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