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Chemtex moved here from NYC in the year 2000. They rent the "Landfall" bulding they occupy and rent the furniture that is in it. Their size has diminished to less than a fourth of what it began as in 2000. Largely due to failed engineering projects, some of which had them removed from the worksite. They have treated their employees horribly with last minute firings, salary reductions and the conversion of employees to contractors, etc. Chemtex has several labor board violations and multiple IRS investigations that brought charges due to their treatment of contractors and wage/tax manipulation. Chemtex steals from this area, they don't contribute anything productive to it. They couldn't afford the NYC rent and moved here. They have attempted to move all operations from Wilmington to Philadelphia. Guess what, they couldn't afford the rent there either. They are still here, barely making it, but the wallpaper is still up.

Chemtex is nothing more than a facade, more like a money-laundering front for their "international partners". Rented high-end office space, rented accomodations and a bunch of stiff-collared, blowhards walking around in full business attire pretending to be somebody. They contribute nothing to this county, nothing to this state and employ very few local people.

It appears as thought the Senator fell for the facade as well...but, in reality, what else would we expect?


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