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It is unbelievable to see

It is unbelievable to see comments like "rules are rules" and the like. Seriously? We all know that for every rule, there is ALWAYS a way to make an exception to it. Often it will involve a person in charge utilizing discretion or leniency. If the exception for Brett were stated correctly, there should be no fear that this would open a can of worms. It is sad that we are in the year 2011 and this kind of lack of insight and discrimination is still taking place against people with disabilities. The whole premise of the Federal IDEA is to ensure that kids are educated in the least restrictive environment and therefore integrated with their non-disabled peers to the greatest extent possible. Accommodations and modifications are allowed to be made for them so that this can take place. This includes being able to stay in school until they are 22 years old. Athletics should be no exception to the premise of the IDEA. I hope there is an attorney out there in North Carolina who sees the worth of this case and takes this case pro bono. We're rooting for you Brett!


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