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why is rivernbark defending williams drunk driving/respond

look rivernbark this is not williams personal life only, he was not home drinking in his private home, but he is acussed of being on the PUBLIC HIGHWAY putting other lives in danger. Many of us are involved in fighting to end drunk driving, how awful you defend this man who has been charged THREE times for the same crime! This proves politicans, or anyone in the inter circle is protected (I wonder who all knew about this in Pender County). Explain this comment to the many people who have lost someone to drunk driving. This is about what is right. Maybe it is time for all new commissioners in Pender County--to much drama from health department to now drunk driving protection, do you all ever focus on doing something progressive. Drunk driving is wrong even for Mr. Perfect David Williams who belittles others--we remember the way you talked to us williams, remember fire fighters are people too, afterall we have to respond to wrecks caused by drunk drivers! I imagine you or rivenbark by his comments never have had anyone injuryed or killed by a drunk driver. RIVENBARK why are you defending this man, he needs to step down and get help, maybe this new information explain his rude attitude! I just want to know when appearing before the commissioner board is williams sober or drunk? You talked to us like a drunk when we fire fighters went to the meeting.


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