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No background check?

It is amazing that nobody dug this dirt up at election time and put it up on posters up and down the side of Hwy 17. The mudslingers failed to do their job, a true rarity!

What's even more amazing is that the commissioners themselves didn't do any checking up on this man's integrity prior to swearing him into office. Just another obviously fine example of just how inept the people are that we elect into local politics to "guide our counties and spend our money". Sure, I really trust them now!

"Personal life" my foot! Driving down the highway in a 5000 lb uncontrolled missile isn't a "personal life", that's called "Reckless, public endangerment"! Geeeez, what a statement.
When you know you've stepped in it, you're not supposed to pick it up and eat it!

3rd DUI among numerous other traffic violations? Looks like an old, fat guy out of control that needs a lesson taught he should've gotten when he was 17.

But..."he is always very nice to me." GAAAAAAHHCKKK!


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