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But where do we place the blame?

I am also one of those people who will be having their financial aid cut off soon. I was informed via email that I had monies to cover this semester but soon,and they didn't tell me when, my financial aid will be gone. But the problem here seems to be the staff at CFCC. When I first started going to CFCC about 10 years ago, I was in the Computer Engineering program. This was right before the dot-com bubble burst and it seemed at the time to be a great idea. Od course mid way through the program not only did the bubble burst but I realized this was not the path I had really wanted to take. I then dropped out and went into the work force for those years. Recently,I decided it would be a good idea to finish my education,so my first step was to go to career counseling to see what I should really be doing. There,I was told to sit at a computer and take the same career placement test you can take at home on your own computer. Then after getting my results the 'guidance counselor' didn't give me any sort of analysis but simply asked "Well what do you want to do?", not tell me what I would be good at. The friend I went with got the exact same treatment and instead of trying to give us options,this guy simply agreed with whatever we said. I could have easily said 'underwater basketweaving' and he would have said "Oh yes...according to your scores you'd be great at that."

Then the financial aid office is not much better,instead of spending the time to navigate through the often confusing amounts of grants and loans,they simply hand you paperwork and tell you to fill it out. Instead they should have brought up my records and said 'Well,you have used this much of your financial is what I suggest' or 'Well since you are wanting to do this,here are some grants you should apply for'. I personally am studying history with the hopes of becoming a teacher,it wasn't until I went off on my own and did some research that I found there are many programs that potential teachers can pursue in order to pay for college.

Finally,I think alot of this blame lies on the shoulders of the Dept. of Education who fails to realize that business trends chane,and what is a good degree one year,is a junk degree the next,and allow for those students who show initiative and maintain good grades,to be exempted from alot of their restrictions. It's not as if students like us are trying to exploit the system for free money,alot,like myself do very well in school and are striving to better ourselves and our communities,I personally work full time,go to school full time barely make ends meet and then to only have the money yanked away at near completion, is a slap in the face.

But I think a closer look needs to be taken at this issue because alot of good and hardworking students are going to become victims of this legislation, and years down the road, when we are looking for community leaders, most of them will be sitting on the sidelines with unfinished degrees. This blanket policy does not help matters, but only aggravates alot of problems our industries and educational systems have been facing for years.


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