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Do you know how many kids

Do you know how many kids are doped up, given alcohol, and then snatched to never be seen again?
There are over 10,000,000 children 18 and younger that go missing every year.
Over 5,000 to never be seen again.
Over 5,000 boys and girls are raped or taken advantage of every year, and these are just the ones that have reported it. How many more of our children go thru this and are afraid to take action or tell?

Did you know it was David’s gun; Reggie just managed to get it away from him to defend himself. What if Reggie would not have got the gun and David would have driven away and done something to him?
We could be dealing with a missing 18 year old. He may have been buried in the woods somewhere, or dumped in a canal or river. Who knows? Did you know Reggie told 8 people prior to the events and they did nothing to help him? Do you know there has been 1 warrant issued for David for supplying another child with alcohol. Who knows how many more kids he has done this too?

From what I understand the boy is not saying he didn’t take the drugs. It was what he didn’t know, David was putting zanax in his beer and buying him shots that day at a bar. It was when the boy passed out David began fondling him again and when confronted threatened him if he told anyone.

What was the motive to giving an 18 year old alcohol and zanies?

For those of you that say “He isn’t a kid”, how many “non-kids” are you supplying with alcohol and pills?

There is a reason they don’t sell alcohol to minors, they are not mature enough to make competent decisions.

There are reasons Doctors and Pharmacist spend so many years being educated, David isn’t a medical provider, nor does he have a license to prescribe pills for others and could have killed the kid not knowing his medical background. How would people be reacting if the kid had an allergic reaction and died? What are the long term effects of the overdosing David did to the kid. I would think the family will have Lawyers chomping at the bit to for the damages that have been imposed on these children.


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