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We need to get these threats to our children off the streets.

I served over twenty-two years in the Military and as a Veteran; I am offended that these types of offensives take place in our society. More offensive is the little action taken to remove these offenders from our neighborhoods/streets. What has me more concerned are the number of children that keep their mouths shut due to threats of violent actions towards them or their families? How many children each year are drugged and abused then taken advantage? How many of these events never are exposed to the public due to legal implications that protect the predator. Please look at the public offenders list in you area and educate your children. This is not just a child issue, it affects many young adults of all ages and it is happening more and more with young adults. Often it is someone close to the family or a friend. Please tell me that all the lives lost for our freedom is not to give freedom to those that violate our laws and freedoms and pervert our society and children. I am glad that WWAY channel 3 and Clifford Piron are finally exposing the truth; I have talked with the family and felt so poorly that only one side of the story had been told in the beginning. We all know that something led up to such an action. I saw David in court, and yes, I understand how a young man like Reggie was threatened by David’s size, violent approach and aggressive nature. If he was drugged and not able to think clearly during the events that led to the firing of the gun, he may not have been able to make a clear decision. Now learning was not registered and belonged to the sexual offender have me concerned. The gun was taken from David as an attempt to avoid David's previous threat, that if he ever tells anyone David would kill him! Please never judge people by first impressions, but understand the conditions of the event.

We often say what happened to the good old days when our children could play safely outside. We have changed our laws so much that the true threat is protected by gobbly gop!


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