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MAJ, hate them as much as you'd like....

...but don't ask them to change their deepest religious beliefs. If they believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, they are ***NEVER*** going to accept your lifestyle. You may as well be a murderer to them, because the Biblical prohibitions are the same - you just "don't do it." Why is their acceptance of homosexuality even an issue? They don't accept my view on abortion, and I could care less. You're an Athiest - you should be able to ignore them easier than I can.

Bottom line is that they have a right to have their sign say what they want it to as long it is on their property, and the criminal who vandalized it should be prosecuted if identified.

Issues such as this actually cost the gay community supporters. I, for example, would fight to the death to insure your constitutional rights; what makes you think I'd do any less to protect THEIR constitutional rights?


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