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Big Joke

First of all I was raised in church, and I do believe in god. I also refuse to go to church anymore, because of all the intolerant bigots that the church is full of today. The organized Christian religion has become the laughing stock of the worlds major religions. You have the idiots in the church who instead of practicing love and tolerance, practice hatred and bigotry. I have seen people in the church that think the louder they yell in a persons face about how evil and wrong they are, the more they think that person will change. You have church leaders that preach about forgiveness and sin that are closet homosexual themselves, but the preach that being gay is evil and a sin. I just want to know who gave the Seagate Community Chapel the right to be judge of anyone? For those who destroyed the sign two wrongs do not make a right. Do not give people like this any thing they can use to say, look what they did. Leave them to waller in their own misery. That is more punishment than you could ever give them.


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