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More Pork

I know quite precisely what I'm talking about. Regardless of whatever theological mumbo-jumbo the Baptists and other sects have come up with to enable their consumption of pork, either the Bible is the literal word of God or it isn't. Period. If the endlessly quoted, "Thou shalt not lie with a man as with a woman.." is the literal word of God, then so are the very numerous references to pork as an abomination. Of course, this had to be diddled around with because otherwise Gentiles wouldn't have converted to Christianity. But we can still claim that the first quote is the literal word of God and beat up on gay people because, heck, they're only 2%-3% of the population and we can get away with it and feel holy about it, too. But Lord, Lord, don't take away our BBQ pork!!! And we men don't want anyone cutting a piece of THAT off, so we'll explain that God didn't really mean it about circumcision, either. At least not for us, anyway. Phew!!


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