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...and then they'll find some left-wing federal judge...

....who will declare that the amendment violates the United States Constitution and it will result in a multi-year, multi-million dollar court battle.

Don't we have bigger fish to fry?

You know and I know that gays and Lesbians are simply demanding that society re-define the term "marriage." The concept is ludicrous: Marriage is between a man and a woman and has been for several thousand years....and I don't particularly care if some obscure Babylonian emperor once "married" his favorite shepherd.

No one can argue, however, that gays and Lesbians are entitled to every legal right we are, and the intermingling of marriage with legal rights by the government is why this is even an issue. Why should you enjoy more favorable tax treatment by filing a joint return when two gays living together for longer than you and your wife enjoy no such benefit?

That's why the government needs to get OUT of the marriage business completely. Every other issue from probate to paternity to rights of survivorship to taxes could be solved by fixing other legislation. The rights of gays and Lesbians could be protected while getting the government out of what evolved from what was primarily a religious institution and a simple bonding for mutual advantage prior to that.

Go see your minister, priest, rabbi, or imam if you feel a compulsive need to be married. It's up to him if you can marry another man, another woman, your cousin, or want five wives. Meanwhile the government should concentrate on insuring indiviual freedoms and rights, and get out of issues that do not impact the role of government whatsoever.


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