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First, the turn or burn part is judgmental. GOD is the only judge of who is going to burn and who isn't. Second...while God's message is love and forgiveness...there will be NO forgiveness when your time is up to have chosen. The FACT is that God has stated homosexuality is a sin...PERIOD. You can spin it all you want to make yourself feel better...but it is what it is. I don't hate a single homosexual...I DO hate their sin...however, I am not any better as I have sin that God hates just as much.

Christians get bashed left and right, put down and cursed the very people who demand equality and tolerance. Christians are human, not gods...they are subject to the same sin as everyone else. If you go to church expecting to see a congregation full of perfect will ALWAYS be disappointed.

Lastly...this whole thing is a product of our government pandering to the minority. Our country has become a country of BIG SISSY BABIES that think because they don't like something they have to get their way and be rid of it. If you don't like the flipping sign, DON'T READ IT!


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