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Love Thy Neighbor

With the way the "truth" gets new editions, it won't be long before the next one says, " Love Thy Neighbor...unless he's gay, or Mexican, or poor, or........

Religion is made of two components: God(s) and Humans.....which one might be the problem????????

In no version of the Bible does it say to persecute non-Believers, or taunt them (and their loved ones) with hateful words. They pretty much all say to tell them of the LOVE you have found with your God and share that with them, but if it is not for them, YOU LOVE THEM ANYWAY!!!!

Please stop whining about how Christians are persecuted while doing hateful and unGodly things to Others!!!! You get what you give! Your whole religion is about the one thing you can't seem to do...LOVE ONE ANOTHER!
Soapbox now available for next voice to be heard...Thank you for your time. - All Faith, No Belief. One Love.


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