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Signabout loving gays and hating sin

It is loving to tell someone they are sinning. To you who say Jesus said to "Love your neighbor." He did but when He loved them, he cured them, he taught them, He fed them and he said "Go and sin no more." Jesus never tolerated sin, accepted sin: He loved the people--all of them. When the religious leaders asked him why he ate with sinners, He said, I came for the sick not the well. His purpose is to lead us in the right way. God has rules. He says, "If you love me, you will obey me."
The sign was a reminder that God loves us all. After all, he wanted us here on the earth. He knew you "before you were formed in your mother's womb." And that is a reason to be against abortion by the way. Standing on a corner and silently objecting to abortion is not hateful. Please.
A loving person does not want the one He or she loves to get hurt. So it is an obligation then in love to speak the truth in love. Decide if the sign was loving or not.
I had a friend who wondered why Christians kept telling her she was lost. I explained jsut think if you really beleived someone was going to die in hell, be without God forever, burn in hellfire; it really would be so unloving not to help the person on earth, wouldn't it? Walk a mile in another's shoes. We love gays. This says we love you, but you are in sin. No more no less.
Talk to someone who has turned from a life of homosexuality to the love of God. You might get a new view on whether homosexuality is a choice or not. Maybe. A real life story: From being on the streets prostitituing himself with men to becoming a Praise Leader in a church and with a beautiful family and young children. Ask him about the difference in his life!


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