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False doctrine

Four observations:

1. Some Christians have twisted that a bit to read, "If you love God, you will obey ME". God is perfectly capable of dealing with those he disapproves of, He doesn't need you. And he very much resents you for claiming that your biases are his.

2 Your "real life story" is a fiction. Sure there are professional ex-gays and there are some who really believe it. But research conducted by two evangelical Christian professors at two ultra-conservative colleges (who really wanted to find these mythical people who discovered that homosexuality is a choice) concluded that there were no heterosexuals that resulted (or not as you and I would define "heterosexual"). All of them - every one - still experienced same-sex attraction.

3 Those who speak "the truth in love" are never interested in either. Never. What you call "the truth" is really just your church's teaching, and not based on any scientific evidence or even regular ol' observation. It's "truth" is simply dogma like the "truth" about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. And your "love" is just a word you throw in to make yourself feel good about holding other people liable to your beliefs contrary all real hard observable evidence.

4. Let's decide if the sign was loving:

Was it patient towards gay people? No, not really.
Was it kind? Most certainly not.
Was it lacking in envy? That one's hard to say.
Did it boast? Most defintely.
Was it proud? Without question.
Did it dishonor gay people? Not even you could deny this.
Did it keep a record of wrongs? Oh, you betcha.
Did it delight in evil? Turn or burn certainly seems to be awfully happy about the burn part.
Did it protect gay people, trust them to live their own lives, hope for their happiness, and persevere in granting them autonomy? Well, you might say it did exactly the opposite.

So, unless Scripture is wrong, there was no love coming from this church.


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