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Actually, Sherman & Grant granted almost total pardons with

no loss of land and accepted the Southern states back into the Union almost as if nothing ever happened. Also, the Union lost about 100,000 more soldiers than did the South. I don't know if you can say Yankees "kicked the South's ass." In the end, Southern Senators and Representatives were seated during the next Congressional term, Lincoln was assassinated (which was bad for both sides as he also wanted a "soft peace") and the South struggled with reconstruction while the North dealt with The Great Deluge - the massive influx of immigrants that occurred until the early 20th Century. A period of great struggle and loss for both sides persisted for many years and in the end, the real difference was slavery didn't exist - well not technically but it did. Remember, the entire US lost the cotton export (the oil of its time) which was 60% of US exports and produced almost entirely in the South. The only people who "lost" were large slave owners and that system was simply replaced with the sharecropping system. A whole lot of death and agony occurred to change a labor system from free to sorta free. When the smoke cleared, Southern cotton producers exploited sharecroppers and Northern cities exploited immigrants & newly freed slaves with no other options but to do back breaking and dangerous work. The were no DSS agencies to take care of immigrants and freed slaves. They worked or starved.


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