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The flag comes down, but the junk gets to stay?

So, tell us "Coastal Management" bigshots with nothing better to do. Answer us ALL a big and long term question. Why is it that a scuttled 26 foot sailboat has been littering the south end of Masonboro island for nearly five years without being removed or even attempted to be cleaned up? When I first found it, it was near salvagable with legible state registration numbers, intact sails/rigging and hull with the stench of diesel fuel and onboard sewage leaking onto the beach. It is still there, full of sand now, all broken up with pieces all over the place. Fiberglass chunks, pieces of mast, wire cable and rudder parts for FIVE LONG YEARS!!! You never did a damned thing about that but let it lay and rot as an eyesore to, OUR pristine island where you want nothing but birds to set foot on. In addition, there are three other scuttled vessels abandoned on the back side of the island with the very same issues, simply left to rot, contaminate and spoil. ZERO attempts to remediate! But you just HAD to take that flag down, huh? A real thorn in your side I suppose...difficult to endure. Nice work.

So, answer the question without a bunch of political lip smacking. Why is it that you feel compelled to remove something that is obviously done in honor of our country's Hero's, but you can't seem to manage the junk that gets dumped there and remains for years without the first hand being laid on it to clean it up?

"Coastal Management" my sorry backside! You're even more worthless that our grandiose state DOT and you don't even have to plan a street or pave a highway. Can't even keep a little island clean, much less perform "Coastal Management"! Just another "facade" sucking on the taxpayer billfolds providing nothing other than a nuisance.

It is organizations like yours that I will do my very best to eliminate or reform into something useful and practical. You are nothing other than a precise example of what is wrong with this country today, from an economic, a functional and political standpoint.

Masonboro is a beautiful place and I feel very privileged to have access to her. I really can't think of a more appropriate place to locally honor those that have fought so bravely and died protecting the freedoms we all get to enjoy. It is a shame that your vision is so shallow.


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