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A display of shocking

A display of shocking ignorance... When I read so many commentators accusing others of being anti patriotic or having the gall to "pray for" someone who doesn't share their viewpoint, I am stupefied. How about this, folks: Had the NCDCM allowed the flag to remain, that means that anyone else could just as easily fly whatever kind of flag they want. An immigrant family could have gone and erected a flag from their country right next to it. Had the NCDCM left it, in a matter of weeks, some punk would have taken it down, burned it and replaced it with an anarchist flag.

The point is - this isn't an official state memorial. It isn't someone's backyard. Personal property is personal property. And their policy is that's not allowed on the island. Period. If you come into my yard and erect a flag pole I have every right to take it down - because it's NOT YOUR PROPERTY. Would this make me anti patriotic? I don't care if everyone who drives by my house enjoys looking at it. It's NOT THEIR PROPERTY EITHER.

If the NCDCM allows group A to leave something on the island, they have to allow group B to do so as well. Don't you see how unfair it is to allow SOME people to break the rules? This was an act of great intentions, but poor execution. Would it have been so difficult to draw up plans to "donate" this to the state? That way, it would not have been personal property and the Anonymous Patriots could have continued to volunteer their time to take care of the flag - costing the state and the citizens nothing. I hope the Patriots will at least try to work with the NCDCM. By them refusing to do so, it only makes them look stubborn.


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