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Let's get the facts

Let's get the facts straight. First, Strickland drives a brand new Mercedes Benz sedan that Sole bought for him after he (Strickland) wrecked the brand new Corvette Soles bought for him (when he was running from the police).

Next, Strickland isn't investing in property, RC Soles bought the house Strickland lives in. Soles paid for additional remodeling after Strickland burned the house in a fit of rage. And now Soles has purchased a single wide on one of the main streets in Tabor City for Strickland AND paid for the remodeling that was done at the house.

Strickland's means of income is being RC Soles' boy, plain & simple. He has no job, hangs out at the Subway all day and then does whatever it is he does for RC Soles to give him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And it's about time the court system, judges and police put an end to it. If our judicial system doesn't have laws that will keep one or the other of them in jail for years to come, then our judicial system SUCKS!


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