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Most of these comments make valid points. There are a few in defense of these bunch of yahoos but they are probably related to them. Anyone in a decent or coherent frame of mind knows that this has gone on too long and needs to be taken care of. Evidently no one with any time of authority is able to willing to do something about it. Until the feds step in, it will continue to go on.

So with that being said, Mr. Soles do everyone a favor. The next time of or more of these dimwits show up at your house, don't waste my taxpayer money calling the police. Drag them in the house and use a ball bat on them - or perhaps you can use one on each other - then call the rescue squad, police, or coroner - whichever is needed. THEN MAYBE SOMETHING WILL BE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have made the community, police (they need no help in making themselves look foolish) and the justice system look so ridiculous and have made everyone around you a laughingstock. Do something or get out!!!!!!!! I am surprised that the national media has not stepped in to report this. I know they are getting tired of making fun of the president and the other yahoos in Washington - perhaps they could do something with all of you. We all need something to laugh about today!!!!!!!!!


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