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You ask a legitimate

You ask a legitimate question! My home has been in columbus county for over fifty years. I've had to work out of the county, and state, in order to earn a living. Unless you work for a government agency, or a private business dependent on tax $$, you will fall well below the poverty level and be at the mercy of the likes of byrd and soles. This leads to the water question. The county has tried at least three times on the county ballot to create a county water system that began in the eighties. It failed on the ballot all three times so the commissioners used the divide and conquer strategy to steal the water rights of the citizens of the county by slowly creating five separate water districts. The methods used should be investigated by the federal authorities. The government is after control of the water rights is what I was told by a chief engineer that helped design one of the water districts. They've got to fill the void of tax revenue that has been created by the loss of manufacturing and jobs to keep enough voters on the payroll of the taxpayers.
Check out byrd's criminal history and you may see that soles may not be the only predator in columbus county.
Columbus county is one of the many failed "Laboratories of Democracy" that exist in our nation. The administration of government in every geo-political area is a reflection of the will of the "involved" majority!


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