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Get facts

Get your facts straight Allen did not know he had insurance on his house and that came out of the insurance people own mouth, befor you go saying things make sure you know what you are talking about. I'm so sick of people from Tabor City doing nothing but talking trash about this young man, didn't your mother teach you that if you can't say anything nice than keep your mouth shut. Everyone of you that are trashing Allen don't know anything about him cause if you did then you would pray for this young man. Allen has had some real bad things happen to him in the last few months and he could really use people praying for him in stead of putting him down. This ? goes out to everyone who trashes Allen have any of you tried praying to God to help this young man get on the right path. Also to all of you that trash Allen I wish you would stop putting him down he has a nephew who loves his uncle and he doesn't need to hear all the trash.


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