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Why Run???

Why does he mess up? He has more than any other teenager as far as money and possessions is concerned. This was pure stupidity on Frog's part. He would have probably walked out of court with only misdemeanor charges, but now he is in serious trouble.

1,000,000 dollars!! I bet the bondsman has bounty hunters working hard tonight!

Must be something else to the car theft story for this to happen. Maybe when he is caught this time he will tell the truth about RC's addiction with young boys, that everyone living in Tabor City has known about, but ignored when voting for RC in the past.

This is a shame, he has had so many chances to straiten up. RC is to blame for these boys acting like this. He has not helped them, he has ruined their lives, because of the stigma he has put on them! He funds the behavior! I imagine it is hard to be known around town as the young teen or man that has certain relations with RC, and possibly receives money for these relations. It would do a lot to the ego.

The best thing Frog could do his to move away for a while, and go somewhere no one knows him, at least until RC is gone, or even better RC needs to move far away and leave young boys alone (only when RC is gone, will these boys have a chance at straitening up). RC is the source of the problem! These boys are just pawns, I almost feel sorry for them, but then I realize they where willing to take part in the crude acts that have occurred, and should also pay a price, but RC should pay the bigger price, and he ultimately will one day.


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