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Bad Light

I’m not one to criticize the Police Dept. but the court system is a totally different story. The job of our Law Enforcement agencies is to bring before the courts, people they are accusing of violating our laws and the police have done just that on many occasions in the case of this young man named Allen Strickland. This situation is so much reported that the printed media no longer refers to him as Allen Strickland. He is simply referred to as “Strickland” and the general public automatically knows just who is being reported on by the media. I am curious as to the reason this young man is allowed to continue to have run-ins with Mr. Soles, Soles calls Law Enforcement, Strickland is picked up and then Mr. Soles goes to court to speak on behalf of this young man. Something is wrong there and someone needs to get to the bottom of it before someone is injured or killed.

Now the court system should consider the continued abuse of the system by Mr. Strickland and based on his actions and demonstration of the lack of any responsibility, it should hold him without bail until his trial or if the Judge is going to make him post a five million dollar bail, then do not make any deal for less. Make it a five million dollar cash bail with the source of the bail being made know. This Soles / Strickland situation has become a circus and is making the local area the laughing stock in the surrounding area.


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