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Allen "Frog" Strickland Cuts off GPS

I thought that putting Allen on GPS was a bad idea to begin with. The State of North Carolina does not have the money to continue to prosecute this criminal. My main question is why did the Columbus County Sheriff's Department do their job correctly? If Allen Strickland went to Soles' house and then 45 minutes later went to this convenience store, that was more than enough time for the Sheriff's Department to track Strickand and put him back in jail. He still had the tracking device on him. Why did the Sheriff's Dept screw up. Why have a GPS on a subject if you are not going to properly monitor it. Whoever at the Sheriff's Dept. responsible for this lack of monitoring should be fired....plain and simple. People have run down the TC Police Dept.,,,what about the Sheriff's Dept. They have more man power and can't track a subject like Strickland....please something is definitely wrong with this picture. Makes me want to think if the monitoring was over looked on purpose. I want to know the answer to this question, WWAY. Please investigate and write a follow up story on it for the citizens of Columbus County who apparently aren't being protected by an efficient Sheriff's Dept.


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