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THIS INFORMATION FROM A NEWS RELEASE SENT TO THE WWAY NEWSCHANNEL 3 NEWSROOM WILMINGTON, NC (CFPUA) -- During a big weather/rain event earlier this year, we witnessed an unsettling practice of people removing wastewater manhole lids to drain flooded properties and/or streets. When manhole covers are removed and large volumes of water are introduced into the otherwise closed collection system, it causes serious problems like overflows at other nearby manholes or at larger neighborhood pump stations. Wastewater collection systems are carefully designed to carry and treat specific volumes of "flow." A large and sudden introduction of storm water disrupts this cycle and environmentally damaging spills are an almost certain result. Wastewater spills can end up in our estuaries, creeks and rivers, and it is equally important to avoid introducing wastewater into existing neighborhood floodwaters. Please, if you witness anyone tampering with a manhole cover, report this activity immediately to CFPUA Customer Service at (910) 332-6550 or our Emergency Call Center at (910) 332-6565. Let's all be responsible stewards of the environment. Anyone violating this may be fined.

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