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WILMINGTON -- A group of opponents of the war in Iraq, including some members of the political action group, expressed their concerns Thursday. They presented a check for $813 million to Congressman Mike McIntyre's (D-NC, 7th District) office. According to a recent report, that is how much the war in Iraq has cost North Carolina's 7th District. Nancy Gadzuk said, "I am appalled at the cost of this war and I think that people do not realize exactly how much it is costing." Those who presented the check said they wanted local residents and Congressman McIntyre to know how much local money is being spent on the war. Congressman McIntyre's Chief of Staff said McIntyre was traveling today. He released a statement that said, "This war is costing too much money. We need a change in policy, and we need to be moving toward a conclusion of the war in Iraq." Nancy Gadzuk said, "The only way I will be able to say that today is a success is if in September it is voted that no, we're going to start pulling out our troops immediately." The report states the war in Iraq has cost North Carolina a total of $12.34 billion.

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