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adult warehouse to close by parents

I believe that people should be able to have what they want too ,but i kinda agree with the parents ,a place like that needs to be some where else ,thats like training the mind ,has long it is there ,can make kids courious what it is about and plus build a santuary for prevert to hornest children to their den and that is a good reason it should not be there,anywhere else will be alright,but we need to learn to accept these places ,but make sure we put them in a place of their own area,churches and people who is not into porn needs to stay the hell out of other people affair ,because they cannot change people ,people is going to have to change on their own ,i on other half ,i love porn and i believe the freedom of liberty, we have to educate children about these things or stuff ,because later in life ,they will want to and it nothing you or i or anyone can do anything about it, remember the word , the factor of surviving this world.i don't mean you have to graduate high school to have common scence to know what iam talking about,if that would be the case ,there would be alot of people going back to high school.lets just educate our children do right in life and how to maintain a respectable behavior.


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