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Not budgeted? Quite frankly this has been the worst county commissioners board we have had in years. We live in a hurricane prone area and the county has made no effort to allow in the budget for clean-up? I don't understand why our county landfill stopped taking yard debris. Of any type of material that would compost quickly and be cleaner it would be yard debris. I'm sorry but I'm just not into being forced to pay a company such as the one Thompson owns and others to take my yard debris, pay them to do so and them turn around and sell it for a profit. I think you idiots on the county board need to look into why we can't dispose of yard waste like we use to at the county landfill before all these companies we have to pay now started up. Do something useful for a change that would benefit the actual county you where voted in to help. I know that none of you will ever get my vote again, you are horrible at what you have been voted in to do. It's like watching a three ring circus with you people as the clowns. Oh as far as Thompson his name may not be on any of the deeds or tax records but he is still the head controller in that business. He is a big conflict of interest in my oppion.


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