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commissioner Berger is sweet and genuine, haters are jealous!

Mr. Berger is one of the nicest, sweetest, sincere and empathetic individuals I have met in years. We occupy opposite ends of the political spectrum, but his heart is in the right place. Not saying he’s Mother Theresa, but how many elected officials would date a single mom with two special needs children, and remain faithful to her for years, and anyone who has seen Berger with those boys and Heather/catherine know how devoted and loving this guy is…which unfortunately on the flip-side makes him prone to being manipulated by Heather and her own mental illness…which is nobody’s business but Berger is so protective of them he would go to jail or take a bullet for heather or her children.

He's selfless to fault, and many posters here confuse that with other things because they lack Mr. Berger’s capacity to understand and care about others more than he does himself. That’s part of the problem, maybe. He's nice and his vulnerability and tea party labeling make him easy target. It won’t end the hatred of the few negative commentators but listen carefully and it becomes clear that Mr. Berger is facing up to the hate and not using them as a shield.

I have met heather a.k.a. Catherine blaylock, jones, to(she has lots of aliases) and she is charming, attractive and sweet…but prone to anger & rage when it least expected…and most men would run. Fast. Is she a good mother, yes usually, but when she left the biological father who didn’t seem to mind (what kind of man abandons his own sons?), she’s lucky Social Services didn’t take her kids. Here entire life story is one big question mark, but before you judge imagine if you had no family in your life. Not a happy picture is it?

Catherine will probably be just fine, but based on what I know from a clinical perspective, I would be worried all the time a little bit about her going off, snapping and safety of the students. The county, state, whoever she teaches is taking a big risk leaving ms. Blaylock unsupervised in a room of young children. She's so young she can mature for sure.. She probably wouldn’t do anything, never intentionally, but anger/rage comes when least expected and more violent than the situation requires. Don’t pull your kids from her classroom give her a chance but stay involved, watch for signs of trouble, maybe ask the school to provide additional supervision for safety and liability reasons (just my advice). Better overkill than ignoring a problem that could erupt any day at any time – and unexpectedly.

Maybe they should split up, that’s there business, but if you saw Berger with those children youd see a couple (Brian and Catherine or heather) that make great parents, and a side to Brian Berger he seems to hide and the media would never tell…it’d make Mr. Bergr look like the good person not typical politician but a devoted family man and faithful and kind. We need more like him, not less.


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