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Bail Bonds 101

First off Strickland isnt losing anything to the Bail Bondsman. THe person being bonded out pays a pct to the bail bondsman for them to put up the full amount. Thats how the bondsman makes his money. Anything paid to them for the bail bonds company to write the bond is already gone.. Now Strickland may have put up the house and what not as extra insurance on the bond but the Bondsman would only be able to claim that if Strickland "jumped" bail which would mean the bail bonds company could be ont he hook for the entire amount. HE didnt jump bail as he didnt fail to show up for an appearance. and the Bail bonds company can only file for possession on extra guarantees if they suffer a loss on the bond which they DID NOT. This is why Dog the Bounty Hunter does what he does.. Technically what Strickland did was violate the terms of his release and he then becomes a Bond Revocation situation subject to arrest by the police/sheriff or the Bail Bondsman himself or his Enforcement agents (aka Bounty Hunter).. So please WWAY dont make comments that dont have any fact to them.. Strickland wouldnt lose the house or car unless he skipped out which he didnt do apparently he was in town the whole time it appears.


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