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Bail Bonds 101

Wow bail Bonds 101, "101" would under most circumstances indicates knowledge gained in a first year college. Due to your spelling issues I have little doubt that is the case here. Under North Carolina law, there are no bounty hunters. You mentioned same as being able to arrest those like this Frog. Secondly you know very little about NC contract law as you pointed out that the bonding company had 'no losses' and therefore was not able to take this Frog guys home or car. If I were you I would first ask to review whatever the Frog guy put up as his fee. It may very well have been the home or the car. Bonding companies can take whatever they so desire as long as it is reasonable in relationship to the amount of bail being posted-and thus the value would not exceed 15%. We called the NC DOI who said that the barter system was alive and well and that bonding companies do such every day. Let me see, 15% of $1 million dollar bail could very equal a house and a car. Read and research and have all of the facts before you write about a matter. Also take a spelling course


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