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I own rottweilers and have

I own rottweilers and have worked with many animals over the years.... Dogs like kids behave how they are raised, not to say sometimes people don't breed aggressive dogs looking for that behavior, but ultimately if you raise your animals around kids with an understanding of the breed you do not have these problems. This is an issue of supervision, why was a 9-day old baby left where a pack of dogs were able to get to her and maul her? Were these fighting dogs?
Working with animals I have had far more agressive small animals, however their size means that the damage is minimal and therefore less sensationalized. Rottweilers and pitbulls as breeds are not the problem, and to say it is, is like saying if one white person kills then all white people are murders! My heart goes out to the family and responders working on this case as there is no easy answers to the many questions people have.


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