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It is a tragedy that the family pets killed an infant. However, I agree with many that it is negligence of the parents to blame.
"These types of dogs have no place in a home with a baby." Really that could go for any pet. People must remember animals are wild in nature. Dogs hunt, cats hunt, fish hunt! If you have a pet it is your responsibility to train it. It could always revert back to being uncontrolled. It's nature.
The infant was obviously left unattended in a location that was accessible to the dogs, what breed is not important. Any animal that has teeth will bite. It is how they survive and how they have survived for thousands of years.
Rehabilitation unfortunately will probably not be an option for the dogs. That is a sad. It is sad the infant died. It is a tragedy that the parents obviously stupid. When will there ever be a law prohibiting stupid people from procreating? We must protect human integrity!
P.S. I have an infant and a pit bull. Yes, my dog is aggressive, yes he has bitten someone. He is a good dog and he knows his rights in our home.


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