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It does say the dogs are pit bulls!!

If you haven't noticed, pretty much everyone is blaming the dogs. And yes, it does say the dogs were pitbulls:

"When she came out, or when she heard the baby crying, and came out the door, the dogs had the baby," Pate said.

She says the two dogs she saw the most were a pit bull and a rottweiler.

I don't think that pit bulls or rottweilers are more mean than other dogs. HOWEVER, I do believe they tend to act more aggressively when they feel threatened. While another dog may bark excessively, growl loudly, or bite, a pit bull or rottweiler will have an all-out attack.

Of course, if a doorbell rings I don't expect a pit bull or rottweiler to attack violently. I think that the dogs felt threatened, and, as is in their breed, they acted aggressively. Most pit bulls and rottweilers are nice dogs normally, they only act that way when threatened. After all, it can't be that hard to kill a 9-day-old baby for dogs that incredibly strong.


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