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A 9 day old died and you rant about a breed of dog?

I quote from the article "She says the two dogs she saw the most were a pit bull and a rottweiler". I think it is fair for people to comment that it was a pit since the neighbor said this. I know that does not mean it was a pit but I think that is where they are getting it from. She also mentions the "dogs" having the baby. So a pit and a rottweiler would be a fair assumption.

Just because your pit is nice does not mean that the one they had was nice.

Just as everyone is quick to accuse a pit, pit owners are a bit too quick to defend the entire breed based upon owning one that is a nice dog.

In the end you are very correct that it is the parents fault no matter what kind of dog.

Maybe the story was edited after your post.

Regardless I feel bad for the parents even though the blame sounds as though it falls on their shoulders. They are humans and lost a 9 day old infant.


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