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The dogs should be

The dogs should be Euthanized not because of what happen but, because their owners are not taking care of them. They should be put to rest so that they will not end up in a situation where they can't be held responsible. Any dog is like a GUN it only does what you want it to. I have pitbulls, and I would do anything for them to keep them safe. if that means to Humanely put them down, then so be it. Better that than they end up in the wrong care like this family. to they guy who asked if they were fighting dogs? Go to your local Animal Shelter and ask how many bites they get per month from Fighting dogs or House dogs. Fighting dogs are more DOG aggressive than human. Bottom line I feel for the family but, I feel even worse for the dogs. But yes they should be Euthanized (Not Destroyed). Once again a dog attack in the home where ADULTS were present. For all you TRU pit lovers keep a close watch people because, eventually the breed will get banned.Then what will you do? Will you move and take your dog with you? Will you turn them over to the state so Animal Control can "DESTROY" them. Not me...I will look my dogs right in the eye, tell them one last time I love them and have them put to sleep. This pitbull gag is getting way out of control. Mark my's coming.


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