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Little Dogs attack too

There was a story out of Tulsa, Ok about 2 yrs ago, a young mother had her newborn in a swing in the living room, and the Grandmother, and Mom we're cleaning in kitchen, baby was asleep. Mother comes in the room to find their pug...yes a pug had mauled the baby to death, dna confirmed it was the pug. There was a puppy lab there as well that apparently did not attack. It was said, cause believed to be formula smell the dog was seeking, and trying to taste..What it comes down to is the fact that any animal can turn aggressive, or in fact act as an "animal" . I have an 11 yr old pitbull who has spent everyday with my 5 yr old Son, they are truly Best friends...However..I remind my Son she's old and tempermental, do not pick at her, mess with her food, throw toys near her...anything that may scare her. She is a dog...She loves you, but she can bite, she has teeth...When other kids come over, dog goes to a private area..As a parent, and Dog owner..this comes with responsibility....It's our job to know our kids, and our pets personality's, to make sure accidents do not occur...Punish the deed, not the breed...If ANY animal has teeth, it can BITE...Dont care why, or happens!


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