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Taken directly from the

Taken directly from the fatality list last year:

6 infants under 1 year of age were killed - by 3 different dog breeds. Huskies, Rotties and "pit bull type dogs" each had 2.

Now, this may seem complicated to you. To me, it's very simple. The breed doesn't matter. The lack of parenting skills and choosing to leave your infant alone with the dog clearly does.

In 2009, we had 5 infant fatalities (under 1 year). Again, 3 different breeds involved in there. Husky, Chow Chow and "pit bull type" dogs.

Should we start including Huskies in with "dangerous dogs" or should we start holding parents accountable and educating them on proper preparation for the baby? Although it's easier to just keep demonizing dog breeds, it's far more effective to actually educate parents and expect them to put child safety first.

Use common sense. Don't leave the baby on the bed with the dog while you shower. Don't leave the baby in a carrier on the floor with the dogs while you step out on the porch for a cigarette. Don't drink and smoke marijuana until you pass out, leaving the baby alone with the dogs. (all of these were fatalities) They key thing - don't leave the baby alone with the dog. In all cases, this is the common denominator. Again, nothing "complicated" about it.

There's been no report how many of the five dogs were involved. We only have breed identifications on three of them - from a "neighbor". My lab is frequently referred to as a "pit bull" because she's an English Lab and has a big stocky head. In fact, if you asked the neighbors, many of them would say just that. The nutter at would definitely take their word over her actual AKC papers as she feels she can identify a dog based on the bite (reading it strictly in the paper, of course). Talk about a biased, uneducated and confused source.

Let's wait for all of the facts. I'd be willing to bet when all is said and done, regardless of the breeds involved, the infant was left alone with the dogs again. It's so sad that infants have to suffer because of poor choices made by their parents.


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