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Bad Breeds "NOT"

I am so sick of people saying that breeds like Pits, Rotties, Shepards and ect. dogs are vicious killing dogs.

Dogs are not born killers just like humans are not born killers.

Its the pet owner 98% of the time that makes dogs what they are. And the other 2% are dogs from shelters or the streets that people get and they dont know the animals background.
For example you can get an adult animal from a shelter that was put there by a previous owner because the onwer could handle the dog because it was aggressive.
In cases like that the animal should be put down, but instead animal shelters think they can save the animal and adopt it out without telling people how or why the animal is in the shelter in the first place.
Or somebody will pick up a dog from the streets and put the dog in the house with their family without knowing where the dog came from. Then the dog turns out to be nasty and somebody gets hurt.

Well in my opinion NOBODY should put a dog in their home that they are unsure of or they dont know the complete history of the dogs life. Especially when you have kids. ITS JUST COMMEN SENSE.

If you have a dog that you have raised from 8 weeks old and something happens that the dog attacks or kills somebody it is the OWNERS fault because they rasied the dog that way.
Or they were abusive to the animal, example beat the animal, starved the animal, just plain not loving the animal, even wrestling with the dog and encouraging it to be vicious.
So, yes I do blame the owner of the animals if the animal hurts or kills somebody.

I had a Rottie that I raised from the day he was born. He was the gentle gaint and everybody loved him even strangers that would walk up to him because his head was so big and he was just friendly as could be.
He also was very protective of child. My sister and her husband came for a visit on day and the brother in law went to spank my neice, but he changed his mind when my Rottie let him know dont do that.
My dog rammed hes leg with just the tip of nose letting the brother in law know he will protect the neice. My dog was that way because I raised him to let him know violence is not ok and he has protected other
child and a few adults when we would go to the park. A couple was fighting at the park and he got in the middle of them and growled at both then just sat there until the adults walked away from eachother then he came back to my side.
He wouldnt even chase birdS or squrrels to kill them.
So like I said it is how the owner raises their dogs to behave. I know for a fact that if that baby was attacted and my dog was there he would have protected that baby with his life.
Now I have a Shepard, Husky and a Dobbermint Pitcher and they are all good dogs that wouldnt harm a hair on anybody's head unless my husband or I was in danger or somebody was breaking into our house or car.
My next dog will be a Pitbull and I will train him the same way I train the rest of my dogs over the years and I KNOW that he wouldnt attack anybody.
Its the OWNER of these dogs that are at FAULT plain and simple. And isnt there a law here that you can only have 3 dogs at a time?
If Pitbulls, Shepards, Rotweilers got better owners then this discriminations of the breeds would go away, but seems to me the only people that go out of their way to get one of these dogs are people that want to look like badasses
and they train their dogs to behave the way they do.
I on the other hand only get dogs that are discrimated against by society because I want people to see that they are NOT BAD BREEDS that HUMANS ARE THE BAD OWNERS..

One more thing for the guest that replied to the news article....
"Once again a dog attack in the home where ADULTS were present. For all you TRU pit lovers keep a close watch people because, eventually the breed will get banned.
Then what will you do? Will you move and take your dog with you? Will you turn them over to the state so Animal Control can "DESTROY" them.
Not me...I will look my dogs right in the eye, tell them one last time I love them and have them put to sleep. This pitbull gag is getting way out of control. Mark my's coming."

How in gods name can you say that you would look your dog in the eyes and put them to sleep if the breed gets banned. Sounds to me that you dont love your dogs very much because you so coldly said that. You should mark my words if you did that put your dogs to sleep because of a law that I hope never happens you will regret it and it will haunt you forever that you did that. I'm guessing you have never lost a pet before. It is very difficult to have a dog put to sleep even when you have to because of illness and old age. And you would put yours to sleep just because somebody says you should even though your dog is not ill and is healthy and young. The regret had heartache you would face will be horrible and you would wish everyday that you didnt do that to your dogs especially if your dogs never harmed anybody.
People should fight for the right to have the breed they want to have and not just give into a law like banning pitbulls because human made the dog behave the way they do. Just because a few bad people have made the breed look bad shouldnt make all Pitbull and Rotweiler loves suffer PERIOD!!!

Sorry so long but I love animal and this breed bashing has ticked me off.


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